• Initially, Katie and I met with several different orthodontists who came highly recommended by friends and even our own dentist. Although you were all similarly priced, the means to the end were different: You stated that Katie would conclude treatment in 18 months, and no one else even came close to you on that time frame – they were all almost twice as long, or longer. One of the other orthodontists also proposed removing several teeth and using palate expanders. You assured me that, in Katie’s case, these measures were not necessary for perfect correction. And, now we know you were right on both counts. Thank you so much, Dr. Tom, for perfecting Katie’s teeth. We can’t get her to stop smiling!


  • Dr. Tom’s BraceMobile has been a lifesaver during the busy school year. Rather than missing a half day of work, and my son missing a lot of class time, the appointments are as simple as reminding him he’ll see Dr. Tom that day. I receive the video updates on my son’s progress before I even leave work for the day. This is anxiety-free orthodontics!


  • I can’t thank Dr. Tom and his team enough for everything they’ve done for me. I came to your office as an insecure, awkward, painfully sky kid who never smiled because of her giant overbite. You guys played such a huge part in helping me get past that and become the person I am today, and certainly to have the confident smile I have today.


  • I can’t say “Thank You” enough for the kindness and care you showed to me these past two years during my time in braces. You were always so welcoming and ready to answer questions. I’ll be quick to “brag” on you to anyone looking for a top-notch ortho team!


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