Types of Treatment




SPEEDBraces have revolutionized orthodontics by eliminating the need for the elastics that traditional braces require to straighten teeth, replacing them with the SPEED Spring Clip. The Spring Clip, made of a ‘Super-Elastic’ space age material, applies a light continuous force to gently move teeth to their correct position – following customized instructions programmed by Dr. Tom. Speaking of customized, SPEEDBraces are hand-crafted right here in North America by a company that makes high-precision parts for fighter jets and for the aerospace industry. You can’t get any more high tech than that, and you can’t get SPEED anywhere else in Greenville. The result is greater comfort, and potentially fewer appointments and more ‘SPEEDy’ treatment. Additionally, SPEEDBraces are typically 1/3 smaller than traditional braces, so they look great; and SPEED’s smaller size results in less food trapping, so good oral hygiene is easier to maintain throughout your treatment.



Dr. Tom has customized our practice’s approach to clear aligners by taking this country’s most popular brand a step further — we always believe in doing the very best for our patients. Clear aligners are, of course, a highly popular and very modern approach to straightening teeth. After having used the most ubiquitous brand of clear aligners for many years, Dr. Tom found a solution he believes is more cost- and time-effective, providing a faster and more comfortable straightening protocol and a more pleasant experience along the way. As always, our aligner trays are crafted under Dr. Tom’s personal direction from smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that is worn over your teeth. These aligners shift your teeth into place over time in a gentle and gradual fashion that is not painful and almost entirely undetectable, with no metal brackets, and no wires. How you got your stunning new smile can be your best kept secret…but of course, we hope you’ll tell all your friends about Dr. Tom!


Our clear braces offer you the optimum combination of aesthetics and correction: They’re only marginally detectable, and are noticeable just slightly more than clear aligners, but move teeth much faster and provide much more precise treatment with generally faster results – and that’s without you having to worry about constantly ensuring that you’re wearing your appliances and wearing them correctly, as you have to when you choose the clear aligners. Make no mistake, clear aligners are the best choice for some patients, but patience is the key word there, and if you’re short on tolerance, then clear braces may be just the solution for you! Our clear braces are also made from patented materials that make them both as clear as possible, meaning they go as far toward matching your own one-of-a-kind tooth color as technology allows, and also that they will not discolor over time. This unique material is then meticulously smoothed, so that once the braces will feel very comfortable once they’re seated in your mouth. Efficiency plus aesthetics, brought together…in braces? Come and see for yourself!


Take your braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles brackets. WildSmiles are specially designed brackets in a variety of shapes including stars, hearts, sports balls, footballs, flowers, and Super-Diamonds. Designed to make your child’s orthodontic experience fun, WildSmiles are about offering a unique alternative to traditional braces. With Wild- Smiles, Dr. Tom can help your child turn orthodontic correction into creative expression!

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